Announcing the Virtual Farmers Market

Announcing the Virtual Farmers Market

March 22nd, 2020:

These are very interesting times, and interesting times call for creativity and collaboration.  We've created the Virtual Farmers Market for any farmer or producer who is affected by the loss of their restaurant sales and/or farmers market sales.  We're still figuring out a lot, but here's what we have figured out:

  • The logistics of 10+ vendors (and counting) working together
  • No-contact home delivery.  All deliveries will be to your front door.  Those in apartments & condos will be asked to meet us downstairs.  Exceptions for those with mobility or other health concerns.
  • Delivery notifications: You get e-mailed (and soon possibly texted) when the Delivery Route is finalized, when we're near and when the food is at your doorstep
  • $4.50 delivery charge.  We all need to work together to rebuild a localized food supply chain.  If you truly can't afford this, then during Checkout, use the code 'Together' and it is removed with no questions asked.
  • No minimum delivery.  Everyone needs to eat and anyone with limited fridge/freezer space and tight budgets is not going to get penalized.
  • No free delivery with large orders.  Again, we're in this together.
What we're working through:
  • Adding even more vendors! (if you know of someone, please have them contact us)
  • Adding musicians to the Market.  What's a market without music?   So that when you get the notice that the delivery is on the way, you can watch some very talented people (who have also lost their income) perform and leave them a tip.
  • Adding Kids Activities to the Market.   And if music isn't enough to keep the kids entertained while you wait, we'll have some other things to help with your home schooling.
  • Streamlining the tech and designing it so that it can be replicated and used by other regions.
  • ...and if this continues to work and grow in popularity, we'll be adding more delivery routes.
THANK YOU for your patience, your words of encouragement, your notes & waves, your bottles of hand sanitizers over this last week.

It's give us and a lot of others hope that we can make it through this.

With love
Dave & Emily

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