Can I place multiple orders each week?

Can I place multiple orders each week?

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We do ask that you refrain from placing multiple orders for the same date. If after you've placed your order you remember something else you wish to have delivered with your groceries, please reach out to us and we'll be sure to get that item added to your order for the week. Placing two orders for delivery on the same date takes up two spots on our delivery truck, meaning that someone else may not be able to place an order that week.
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    • When can I place my order?

      Each week we restock Graze & Gather on Saturday’s, so that at the strike of midnight when the day turns to Sunday, the market is ready for you to graze. Each week we will close at 4:00p.m. on Friday. A friendly reminder: if you want your groceries ...
    • What happens if I don’t have another grocery order for that week?

      You'll still receive your regular subscription ingredients, regardless of if you have another grocery order each week or not. If you want to view or update your subscription ingredients, you can do so via your customer portal on Graze & Gather.
    • Can I place an order for other groceries and receive it along with my subscription?

      Yes! There are plenty of ingredients that we aren't able to offer on subscription, and we're always changing and adding new ingredients to the Market based on seasonal availability. Please choose the same delivery day so that all of your groceries ...
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    • Am I charged automatically?

      Yes, Subscriptions are automatically charged each Thursday at midnight for the following week.  Any price changes to an ingredient will be automatically adjusted to your subscription. Prices may change from week to week.