The team at Happenstance chose to pursue coffee and baking because it offered an opportunity for them all to combine their passions, while working for themselves and making the world a better place along the way.

Coffee from Happenstance is hand roasted and fresh each week! By working with Mountain Coffee and the Fresh Coffee Network, Happenstance is able to source coffee that is grown organically in ways that preserve shade canopies, steward farmland, and enrich the lives of those who grow, harvest, and process their coffees. Happenstance looks after the people they work with and the environment by putting the environment and quality workplaces first.

Happenstance is most proud of the steps that they have taken to combine their farm, bakery, coffee, and ethos into one working system. Happenstance is grateful for the homes they've been able to feed over the years, and the spaces they've been able to share.

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