How does Community Membership support farmers & small producers?

How does Community Membership support farmers & small producers?

This is a great question, and we’re glad you’re considering the impact on farmers & producers.

One of the biggest challenges of being a small farmer is the question of, “if I grow it, will they come?” - or what Dave likes to call the “grow and hope” approach to farming. Many farmers have the capacity to grow more food within the natural limits of our lands, but the risk of getting it wrong is too high, so most farmers are conservative in planning the growing estimates each year.

With membership, we’re hoping to change that. If we know that 200 homes have raised their hand to say that they intend to regularly purchase from Graze & Gather, farmers and producers are able to plan their season accordingly knowing that at least those 200 homes will see the food they have available each week. There will always be some level of risk, but it’s encouraging to know that those 200 homes have a demonstrated interest in the food that is available on Graze & Gather.

On a similar note, our subscription service (launching soon!) will help our team at Graze & Gather with purchasing. If we know that 50 homes have subscribed to a weekly delivery of 2L of White Milk from Sargent Family Dairy, we can coordinate with the dairy, who is then able to plan the number of cows that they will need. Right now it is a lot of guesswork for our team and for the farmers & producers, and we’re hoping that Community Membership will help mitigate some risk!
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