How does delivery work?

How does delivery work?

You’ll receive your subscription groceries on the same day each week, unless you update your preferences in your account. If you are a Community Member you will continue to receive free delivery for all ingredients ordered, including your subscribed ingredients! If you are not a Community Member, you will be charged the $6.25 delivery fee each time your subscription reoccurs. 

Here’s an example! If your home wants to receive:

  • 2L of White Milk from Sargent Family Dairy each week

  • Salted Butter from Kawartha Dairy every other week

  • Raspberry Shrub from Manning Canning every four weeks

  • Beef Box from Enright Cattle Company every four weeks

Then you would expect to receive deliveries of:

  • Week 1: everything: 2L of White Milk, Salted Butter, Raspberry Shrub, and Beef Box

  • Week 2: 2L of White Milk

  • Week 3: 2L of White Milk and Salted Butter

  • Week 4: 2L of White Milk

  • Week 5: receive everything again…2L of White Milk, Salted Butter, Raspberry Shrub, and Beef Box.

If you realized in Week 2 that you didn’t make it through all of the milk you had ordered, you can edit your subscription (prior to 12:01a.m. Friday morning) to remove your milk delivery for the upcoming week. Similarly, if you realize in Week 3 that you are going to need to add extra butter for some upcoming baking you’ve planned, you can add butter to be delivered in Week 4.

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