How Graze & Gather Works

How Graze & Gather Works

Market Opens

The Market opens on Sundays at 12:01a.m.
Each week the Market is restocked with deliciously diverse food from over 70 small local producers! Each Saturday we update the Market with what food each vendor will be able to harvest or prepare in the upcoming week, and Sunday at 12:01a.m. it is ready for you to shop! As soon as the clock strikes 12:01a.m. on Sundays you will be able to add food items to your cart and check out.


The Market closes on Thursdays at 4:00p.m.
Be sure to place your order by 4:00p.m. on Thursday at the latest to ensure delivery this week. At 4:00p.m., the Market will close so that we can restock it with deliciously diverse food.

Same Week Delivery and Your Choice of Delivery Dates!
  • The Market now offers same week delivery! That means when the Market opens at 12:01a.m. on Sunday, you are able to choose delivery that same week, on either Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.
  • A friendly reminder: if you want your order delivered by Wednesday, make sure you order by Tuesday at 4p.m., if Thursday, order by Wednesday at 4p.m., if Friday, order by Thursday at 4p.m.
  • There is a limit to how many deliveries we can make each day, so if you don't see one of these days available it means we have received the maximum amount of orders for that day and you will need to select a different day.
Food is Prepared and Delivered to the Food Hub
At the beginning of each week, the farmers and producers harvest and prepare their food and deliver their goods to us at the Green Circle Food Hub. After each of the vendors has dropped off their delicious food at the Food Hub, our warehouse team gets to work packaging your order and preparing for your grocery delivery.

Door Delivery

No Contact Home Delivery or Community Food Terminal Pick Up
After placing your order you will receive an email confirming we’ve received it. The night before your delivery you will receive another notification, once the delivery route has been finalized, with a two-hour time window during which you can expect your groceries to be delivered. You will receive a final text notification when the driver is 15 minutes away, letting you know so you can be ready.

For home deliveries to apartments and condos, customers are asked to meet us downstairs. Exceptions may be arranged for those with mobility or other health concerns.

Shopping Cart

Delivery and Handling Charge: $6.25
In order to build a localized food supply chain, we all need to work together. There is no minimum delivery - everyone needs to eat and anyone with limited fridge/freezer space and tight budgets is not going to get penalized. The delivery fee covers the expense of bringing this deliciously diverse food from small local producers to you. If you truly cannot afford this, contact us at and we will discuss options!


Handling Fee for PICKUP LOCATION only:
Thanks to our community pickup partners, if you place an order for pickup at a central Community Food Terminal for $75+, you only pay a $3.50 handling fee.
Wondering if there is a pickup location in your neighbourhood? Find out who we are currently partnered with here: Delivery & Pickup


    Want to learn more about our vendors?
    Each week in our newsletters we share an in-depth profile on one of our vendors that provides you with the opportunity to learn a little bit about them and their approach to food! Each of our vendor profiles showcase the person behind the business making the food you enjoy each week!

    In addition to weekly profiles, each farmer or producer has a profile on GROW where you can learn more about them and how to contact them.

    Packaging Returns

    Green House

    We are now accepting returns of cardboard boxes, ice packs, and insulating wrap. Simply leave any packaging from your last order out on your next scheduled delivery date, and we'll pick it up! 

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