Magic Oven

Magic Oven

Tony and Abby of Magic Oven believe that nothing artificial should be added to our lives. All of their prepared meals are made with the best ingredients they can find! The best ingredients ought to be fresh, local, ultra tasty, and satisfying. Magic Oven sources nearly everything from within a short distance, and all ingredients are free of additivies. Their sauces are all made in-house without use of refined or processed fillers. Their vegetables are sourced in season from local farms, and their meat is sustainably and humanely raised. 

Tony and Abby created Magic Oven in 1997, and everything about it speaks to their principles. You can enjoy their food with a clear conscience, knowing that they are putting a portion of the money back into their communities to support local charities. It's a reciprocal love! The community has voted  Magic Oven as best in the city many times. Tony and Abby believe eating healthy and delicious should always be this magical.

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