Mary Manette Seafood

Mary Manette Seafood

Mary Manette Seafood is an award-winning, Prince Edward Island based artisanal cannery and smokehouse specializing in value-added, premium tinned seafood. At Mary Manette Seafood, the team values sustainability thorugh commerce, conservation, community, and a deep respect for local culture.

Over a century ago Jordan's great-grandmother, and the company's namesake, Mary Manette traveled through the night by horse and wagon from West Chezzetcook, NS to set up her fish stand bright and early at the Halifax Farmers Market. Her seafood was highly sought after, and was known for its exceptional flavour and freshness. Quality was important to her, and it still is to the team today, which is why all of the Canadian tinned seafood is hand-packed and infused with flavourful brines, natural woodsmoke, and lots of fresh ocean air. The smoked herring is the exact same herring that Mary Manette sold herself, all those years ago.

Mary Manette Seafood is committed to the long term health of our oceans and the imporatance of maintaining sustainable Canadian fish stocks. They are a family, woman, and Indigeneous-owned company. Jordan hopes that Mary Manette's seafood brings the flavour and time-honoured traditions of Atlantic Canada to your table.  

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