Pristine Gourmet

Pristine Gourmet

Pristine Gourmet is on mission to build a uniquely crafted 'farm to fork' virgin oil company, that is focused on heritage, passion, and craftsmanship. 

During the mid-to-late 1990's, Jason, a fourth generation farmer was realizing his love for business and his desire to add value to the farm operation. With his wife Linda, Jason bought another farm and built a grani drying and storage facility. Searching for business ideas that the two could embark on, Jason read an article about cold pressed oils that were being produced by small companies in Europe. This intrigued him to dig deeper into turning the soybeans that his 1,000+ acre farm was producing into high quality cooking oils. 

In 2006, Pristine Gourmet was formed with the vision of supplying the food industry with high quality, local, non-GMO artisan foods. Today, through Pristine Gourmet, Jason provides non-GMO cold pressed products which are 100% pure Canadian, from field to table. Pristine Gourmet also offers dried legumes including kidney beans, chickpeas, lentils, and split peas. 

Jason and the team at Pristine Gourmet believe in three pillars: heritage, passion, and craftsmanship; and continuously work to build their business around those core values. Eat well, eat local! 

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