Pure Home Grown

Pure Home Grown

At Pure Home Grown, the team is breathing life into an old school building through aquaponic farming. The system is a sustainable method of raising both fish and fresh produce in a closed loop system, ensuring the production of 100% more pure foods, using 95% less water and being 8 times more efficient than any conventional farm on the planet. 

Pete chose to pursue aquaponic farming because it is the most clean way to grow food that he is aware of. Pure Home Grown is building towards ensuring that everyone has access to a locally produced, pure food source that is sustainable year-round in a system that is superior to conventional agricultural methods. The system that Pete and his team are growing is using a carbon decreasing approach to use of land, water, and energy consumption.

Pete is most proud of the produce that the team is able to grow at Pure Home Grown, and that they are able to provide to the community while keeping environmental concerns at the forefront.

Aquaponics guarantees the production of PURE food. All of the food that Pure Home Grown grows is free of chemical fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. Pure food is what they do, pure Home Grown is who they are, and the community and the environment is their biggest support!  Pete says "thank you for choosing us!!"

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