Renegade Harvest

Renegade Harvest


n has always been connected to food in one way or another. It may have stemmed from being raised by hunters, farmers, and fishers. Once Colin was introduced to cooking and the world of hospitality, he found his way sharing in his love of food with everyone around. 

Colin's approach to food has always been to celebrate its taste. Colin gets excited about the freshness of an ingredient, and that is what makes him want to share its flavours. From freshly picked vegetables, to foraged mushrooms, to line-caught salmon, and hunted game, the intent is always to share these ingredients with people. There is a story behind every ingredient Colin uses, and he lives to discover the freshest, most ethical, and local ingredients. 

By keeping things local, Colin can be proud of the flavours that he shares. Helping the environment by supporting neighbours is a great way to keep things on track. Colin is most proud of supporting local foods, sharing local flavours, and celebrating local farmers.

Renegade Harvest aims to continue its pursuit of sourcing local meats and ingredients, expanding its offerings, and helping small farmers to grow. 

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