Sargent Family Dairy

Sargent Family Dairy

Sargent Family Dairy has a deeply ingrained, generational love for dairy farming. The knowledge and passion to care for Jersey cows began with the original Bruce Sargent in the early 1900's, and runs through the family to this day. The Sargent family could think of no better lifestyle than working together, as a family, on their beautiful property, to raise cows and create great milk! Many farmers dream of selling their milk directly to their own community, and the Sargent family is grateful to be living that dream.

The Sargent family has always enjoyed their milk, straight from the farm, and are excited to share their pasture-raised fresh Jersey milk with you. Jersey milk has a naturally high cream content, and is rich in colour. Everything that the Sargent Family Dairy produces is handmade and minimally processed, the only thing that they add to their milk is vitamins and carefully selected flavours.

Their family lives, works, and plays on the farm. It is of utmost importance to the Sargent family to care for the land that sustains us, and constantly improve the land for the next generations. Any waste from the cows is returned to the land to fertilize next years crop, and they use minimal tillage practices in growing feed for the cows. Pasture raised animals provide a great habitat for local wildlife, and capture carbon from the atmosphere as fuel to grow the pasture grasses. Everyone who works on the farm is local to the area, and the Sargent's are committed to providing their employees with fair compensation and a safe and enjoyable place to work. 

If you're ever up north of Enniskillen, there's a pasture laneway where you can park your car and visit with the cows. The cows are most active in the morning, but anytime they are down by the road they enjoy a good head or ear scratch. 

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