Tiffinday Crunch Wrap Recipe

Tiffinday Crunch Wrap Recipe

A crunch wrap is made with flatbread, like a tortilla, that is assembled with a variety of toppings. You can select your favourite combination of grilled vegetables, cheeses, sauces, meats and more to get this one going. In fact, everyone in the household can pick their own toppings! Once folded, and grilled it turns into a convenient hand-held item that can be enjoyed with a satisfying crunch, no utensils needed! Taco Bell made this dish famous in 2005, by bringing it to the masses. Their Crunchwrap Supreme was originally introduced as a seasonal special. However, it became so popular that they gave it a permanent place on their menu. It’s a cross between a soft tortilla and a crunchy taco with a variety of gooey cheesy topping options laid out in layers. 

Tiffinday Stew Crunch Wrap

So Tiffinday set out to make something similar using their Stew which goes well with flatbreads. It has a thick, smooth texture that allows it to be used as a sauce. Tiffinday used fresh baby spinach and tart cheddar cheese as our toppings, and vegans can easily substitute the cheese with any of the plant-based versions available on the market. 

Our crunch wrap was utterly delicious!

Makes 1 Crunch Wrap

  1. 1 jar Tiffinday Chickpea Stew. You will have lots of leftovers to enjoy as a soup, dip, sauce or a heat-and-eat stew with rice the next day.
  2. 2 tortilla from Mad Mexican
  3. 1 cup Cheese from Gunn's Hill Artisan Cheese
  4. 4-6 washed and dried baby spinach leaves, or 1/2 cup shredded carrots for variety.
  5. 2 Tbsp Sunflower Oil or Butter.
  6. Complimentary dipping condiments...we recommend the Nahm Prik Pao from Tropic Thunders!

Folding & Grilling the Crunch Wrap

Now comes the fun part! Add all of your toppings to the first tortilla, spreading evenly over the full surface. Once your satisfied with your toppings, place the second tortilla on top to sandwich all the fillings. Make sure to pat down the layers to keep everything in place!.Your crunch wrap should feel relatively stable with nice firm layers.

To get a nice crunch to your wrap, you'll need to grill it. For this, preheat a sandwich press if you have one, or warm up a flat frying pan on your stove. Brush Sunflower Oil or butter over the top, bottom and edges of the tortilla and then lay the wrap on the sandwich press or pan, on medium heat.

If you are using a frying pan, press down firmly on the crunch wrap with a flipper, listening carefully for the sizzling noises. While you want a nicely charred surface, you definitely don’t want to burn the tortilla, so lift it from time to time to visually ensure you are not overdoing it. Once the first side is crispy, flip it over and repeat for the second side.

Your crunch wrap is ready when the cheese has melted and the toppings have warmed up. Bon appetite!

Thanks, Tiffinday, for sharing this recipe!

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