Tropic Thunders Hot Sauce

Tropic Thunders Hot Sauce

Tropic Thunder is a hot sauce and condiment company, based in Toronto, and ran by a husband and wife team. Tropic Thunders was started in 2016, and it wasn't planned...more like fate.  Amancio and Sarinya are both professional chefs by trade, and have spent more than 15 years cooking both in Toronto and internationally. They have so much passion for food, and especially for spices. They love to experiment with making hot sauces and fermentations together, so it only made sense when they got married to include favours that represented their backgrounds and love of spices. Sarinya and Amancio combined their favourite flavours and put them together in a bottle for their guests to enjoy.

Amancio is originally from Goa, India and grew up in Dubai, while Sarinya is from Bangkok, Thailand.  They developed a love of spices and spicy foods in their upbringing, and those are the flavours that remind them each of home.  Their first hot sauce, the OG Habanero Maple Hot Sauce was what they served at their wedding. After the wedding, many guests expressed an interest in their hot sauce, including some food industry friends who wanted to carry the hot sauce in their stores, so Sarinya and Amancio seized the opportunity and began making larger batches, and Tropic Thunders was born. 

Together they decided to pursue hot sauce making, and now, five years later, have a hot sauce company that offers a variety of flavours, and have even won a first prize award for the Fiery Phoenix Jackfruit Hot Sauce! 

As Tropic Thunders grows, Sarinya and Amancio are excited with the opportunities to connect with more farmers and get their hands on more local ingredients wherever possible. They pride themselves in succeeding at low-to-zero food waste production, and finding innovative ways to use pepper mash in new foods. 

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