What about ingredients I can’t subscribe to?

What about ingredients I can’t subscribe to?

Be sure to check back weekly to graze fresh and in-season ingredients that we have available! Since we work with small, sustainable farms the availability of seasonal food will change from month to month.  You can always place a 2nd grocery order for other food that we will deliver along with your subscription.

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    • How do I subscribe?

      When you’re adding ingredients to your grocery cart, you’ll notice that some items have options for either a one-time purchase or to subscribe for recurring deliveries. If you choose to subscribe, you’ll be able to choose weekly, every other week, or ...
    • Why are some ingredients not available?

      For our initial subscription launch we’ve selected ingredients that are reliably available throughout most of the year. If there is an ingredient that you’d love to be able to subscribe to, please let us know by emailing Sydney or submitting a ...
    • What happens if I don’t have another grocery order for that week?

      You'll still receive your regular subscription ingredients, regardless of if you have another grocery order each week or not. If you want to view or update your subscription ingredients, you can do so via your customer portal on Graze & Gather.
    • How does delivery work?

      You’ll receive your subscription groceries on the same day each week, unless you update your preferences in your account. If you are a Community Member you will continue to receive free delivery for all ingredients ordered, including your subscribed ...
    • What is included in a Graze & Gather membership?

      Graze & Gather community membership helps you support local farmers & producers while enjoying great benefits! Enjoy free delivery, exclusive perks, and special offers with Graze & Gather community membership! Benefits include: Free Delivery with no ...