What is included in a Graze & Gather membership?

What is included in a Graze & Gather membership?

Graze & Gather community membership helps you support local farmers & producers while enjoying great benefits! Enjoy free delivery, exclusive perks, and special offers with Graze & Gather community membership!

Benefits include:
Free Delivery with no minimum order.
Free Samples from Graze & Gather vendors who want to trial new foods or receive feedback on a particular food.
Special Discounts & Promotions that are exclusive to members.
Reusable Packaging that is returnable when you receive your next order. Currently you’ll receive your groceries in a sturdy tote bin, but we have a new member packaging option coming soon!
Special Requests can be made for a specific cut of meat or a particular food you’re looking for, and our team will work with food producers to find what you’re looking for. Hosting a special gathering? Our team would love to work with you to gather all of the ingredients you need for your special feast, whether it's for 10 folks or 100. Discounts are available for large-volume orders. Please reach out to us to discuss! 
Graze & Gather Gatherings will be made available to our community members first! We have both live in-person and virtual Gatherings where you can learn more about sustainable food from other members, farmers, producers, chefs, and food system experts. Members will receive early access to upcoming events and may receive a discount on ticketed events!
Free and Discounted Tours of farmers and producers whose food is available on Graze & Gather.
Subscriptions (Coming soon!) will give members the exclusive opportunity to manage your own regular delivery of groceries. This means that you won’t need to set your alarm for midnight to place your order as soon as the Market opens: you can rest well knowing that the staples of your order such as eggs and milk are already scheduled to come to your door.

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    • How does Community Membership support farmers & small producers?

      This is a great question, and we’re glad you’re considering the impact on farmers & producers. One of the biggest challenges of being a small farmer is the question of, “if I grow it, will they come?” - or what Dave likes to call the “grow and hope” ...
    • Can I cancel my Community Membership?

      Community Memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable. If you have an extenuating circumstance that will impact your membership, please reach out to us and we'll do our best to find a solution.
    • What happens if I don’t have another grocery order for that week?

      You'll still receive your regular subscription ingredients, regardless of if you have another grocery order each week or not. If you want to view or update your subscription ingredients, you can do so via your customer portal on Graze & Gather.
    • What is the delivery and packaging cost?

      Our delivery and packaging fee is $6.25 for all home deliveries and for pick up location. In order to build a localized food supply chain that supports our small, local farmers and producers, we all need to work together. The delivery cost covers ...
    • How do I become a Community Member?

      You can become a Member by visiting https://grazeandgatherfood.ca/pages/membership and filling out the form.